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UNFPA promotes women’s and youth political participation for peace and development in Guinea-Bissau

As part of the project: “Supporting Women’s and Youth Political Participation”, a consultation workshop on functional literacy was held in Bissau on the 31 July 2019 at the facilities of the National Institute for the Development of Education (INDE). The workshop was attended by around 30 partners and organizations that work with literacy in the country.

Under the project, the Ministry of Education, through the National Institute for the Development of Education (INDE) and the General Directorate of Literacy (DGAENF), signed a partnership agreement with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in order to implement a functional and political literacy program for women and youth on 14 localities throughout the country.

The project, which is financed by the Peacebuilding Fund, will support the production of curricula booklets for the facilitators and trainees, training course for facilitators as well as the literacy of 1000 women and youth, integrating citizenship content for the promotion of the political participation in peacebuilding, democracy and development.